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My goal is to help women infuse their unique personality into their brand, creating that human connection and resulting in a brand that speaks a clear message, a brand that resonates with ideal clients, a brand that inspires and leaves an imprint long after your clients have worked with you.

Welcome, I’m happy you are here. If you want to make it BIG in the digital world and marketplace, you need great design.

Have you been in business for 2+ years and your current branding just doesn’t align with you or your business goals anymore?

Or are you just starting out in the business world and are at a loss with what you need design wise for your logo, website, or marketing material to attract those high paying customers?

Do you need some guidance, an easy process to get you where you need to be in your business? Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m at your service.

You don’t just want a logo design, you want a total brand experience for your clients or customers. You want someone to take all your thoughts and idea’s on to paper, to create a beautiful, modern and strong brand identity for your business. You also want the tools to maintain brand consistency to help build that strong brand of yours up in the busy marketplace.

You want someone “to just get it”, to help you find clarity. Someone to take the messy picture in your head and produce it into a functional working brand identity for you to love and your clients to enjoy.

Together, we are able to transform your branding in a way that speaks to your dream clients and allows you to finally run that business you’ve always dreamed of. You have the expertise and ability to attract those premium paying clients you deserve, work on the projects you love, and live your dream working day today! Why put that perfect branding off any longer?

the process



Brand Strategy

Before we even talk about design and colours and fonts, we first want to get to know you and your business Why. On our Brand Strategy call we dive deep into your business and your unique story. That is the gold right there. It’s not What you do or How you do it, it’s your Why you do it that resonates with your clients. The purpose of this strategy call is to curate your unique brand messaging and then find a way to communicate that through design.




Now that we have the gold that is your unique point of difference, we want to communicate that through modern, functional design. A logo, marketing material (say a business card and flyer design) plus website is what we recommend client’s start with when building a gorgeous, stand out brand. We take what we spoke about in your strategy call and pair that with colour psychology that will best represent your brand’s look and feel, fonts, and of course a unique logo design. Once you’re 100% happy with the design direction, we move on to your marketing material and website design + build.




There’s no point creating a beautiful logo and website if no one’s going to see it right? That’s where we need to promote it! We will put together a carefully curated marketing strategy for your social media content, your FB advertising, blog and email campaigns together with actionable steps that you can implement straight away. We ensure your unique brand story is at the forefront of your marketing efforts, all the while maintaining brand consistency. That is the key to a solid, memorable brand after all.

At Sarah Rose Graphic Design, we value:

Transparency. Honesty. Amazing customer service (we go to every effort to ensure you are happy with the end result).

What breaks our heart:

Children and families going through poverty and hardship. For every 5 branding clients per month, we sponsor 1 for a year through Compassion, a company who’s values align with ours. Work with us and make a difference.