Let’s talk about WHY people build brands (rather than simply getting a logo designed).

Why do you need a brand?

Well first of all, a brand is the thing that differentiates you from the crowd.

It is the thing that sets you a part from your competition.

Branding is what cuts through the noisy market place.

A brand is what builds trust with your audience.

You can sell, sell, sell, but let me be totally honest here:

No one cares about your offer.

Oh sheet, I said it. No one cares about your offer.

People care about 2 things:

1. What you can do for them

2. How you can change their life.

People don’t buy your offer.

People buy you.

They buy you because somewhere in themselves, you (or your brand – which you should have) align with their values and belief system.

People buy how you can positively impact their lives.

This is why I bang on about finding out your WHY in business.

People don’t buy the WHAT (what you do – they don’t really care), or the HOW (how you do it – again they don’t really care).

They buy the WHY.

If your WHY aligns with your potential customers, they are more likely to want to work with you and give you their money.

Especially women right? We buy from people and brands that align with our values.

Do you buy the brand “Thank you.”? You know the soap and home products that have no nasties in them?

I do. This brand aligns with my beliefs and values. I don’t want nasty chemicals in my house (hello, they mess with my hormones. Need I go any further ?).

So I’ll buy this product over the others.

I create beautiful, professional, high-end brand design for women in business making them feel more confident to charge premium prices in their business.

Wouldn’t you rather work with a woman who listens, cares and takes the time to understand your business, over a male?

Not being sexist here at all, males are great! I’m just pointing out the fact that women love working with me because I too am a woman, and I understand that a woman needs that connection when working with a brand designer.

We as women want to work with people who care about us and our journey, people who really want to see us do well and create a positive impact in our own lives, and the lives of other women.

People buy you. And people buy the change that they want to see in their life.

So how does branding come into this?

Well, we make YOU and your WHY shine through your brand.

Because this is what people buy.

Don’t sell, sell, sell your offers on your website, on social media.

Don’t sell, sell, sell your products.

Sell your why. Sell your story.

Create a brand that speaks your why, and speaks your story.

Make THAT shine through your brand, and watch as the emails, enquiries and sales come in.

Branding is literally built around your values and beliefs.

When clients work with me, we go through a brand strategy session.

Basically, you answer a few strategic questions given to you by me to help you craft and hone in on your unique difference.

Your story. Your Why. Then we bring that to life through your brand.

Whether you believe it or not, brands are the bridge between a potential customer, and the gaining of their trust toward you and buying from you.

So, are you ready to cut through the noise and get recognised?

Are you ready to appeal to your absolute dream clients?

Are you ready to get clear on your business, and create a brand that stands out above your competition?

Are you ready to create a brand that positions you as the lady people love, trust and want to re-buy from?

Are you ready to look professional and credible, in order to gain the trust of your potential clients?

Are you ready to up-level by re-branding to be more high end, so that you can charge premium prices and receive YES, YES, YES’S from your dream clients?

Yes?! Of course you are.

Let’s chat today.