Hey there!

So, social media can be a real beast.

You’re either:
– a social media wiz, super disciplined and organised or;
– you loath social media (been there) and every time you post content it’s last minute, it’s on the go, it’s sporadic; leaving you feeling unorganised and fed up with your efforts after not getting the results you want.

One of the main ‘pain’ points or struggles of a lot of my clients is being consistent on social media. So, I’m here to teach you how to make the most out of social media posting, and actually like it.

It’s going to take some sacrifice to begin with, but I promise you’ll see the benefits.

Social media tip #1 – You’re going to have to get organised.

I know I know, this sucks. We’re so busy in our businesses and it’s hard to find the time to post to social media! I get it. But!
If you can’t find 1 hour in your week to work on your business, you probably need 4 hours a week to work on your business. #harshtruth

So, schedule it in your calendar to work on gathering content to post to social media (SM) every week. I do my weekly scheduling Sunday nights.

SM tip #2 – Create categories (this is getting fun right?)

This will take out the “thinking” of what to post on damn social media each day.

Create categories like the below:
– Blog posts 

– Memes

- Picture quotes

- Tips / advice

- What you’ve been working on that week

- What’s been happening in the office that week

– Promo

By creating categories not only will you not have to think so hard every day, you are creating consistency with your posts.

So choose a category for each day of the week (or how many days a week you want to post to SM), and start gathering/collating your content.

SM tip #3 – Create folders

Create folders on your computer or Dropbox/Google Drive for each category. Then start saving your content into these folders.
This will save you scrambling around trying to whip something up, not to mention saving so much time in those super busy weeks when you’ve already gone ahead and collated 5 weeks worth of social media posts. Go you. It’s done.

SM tip #4 – Make sure your content/what you’re putting out there is amazingggg.

Add value, appeal to your target audience, give so much insight that you look like the dominating leader in your field.
Educate, inspire your followers. Don’t hold back on adding value.

SM tip #5 – Create a schedule.

List the days of the week, and under each day, write the category that you will be sharing about.
It can look something like this:

Saturday – 

Now add the times that you will post on each day.

When are your ideal clients online? Early morning before the kids? Late at night after work?

Test what times get the best engagement (do this through the Publishing Tools tab on your business FB page), and schedule your posts accordingly.

SM tip #6 – Be willing to test, tweak, test, tweak, test, tweak

To find out what works best for you and your audience, test your ad times, your ad content, images vs video etc. It’s all about testing and tweaking. Nothing comes easy folks #sorry.

SM tip #7 – You are allowed to re-use your content!

In fact, you should recycle your content. 2 reasons:

  1.  Your audience may not have seen it before, either because they weren’t online at the time, or they are a newbie and haven’t scrolled way down your page to see that post.
  2. They have seen it, but it’s amazing anyway, so they won’t care if they see it again.

If it adds value, share that sh*t sister.

SM tip #8 – Get personal.

People love personal stories. They want to know you.
Nobody wants to read boring articles that have no personality and they have no clue who the person behind the keyboard is. #isitarobotorahuman
So share with your audience, engage with them on a deeper level.
You don’t have to share your embarrassing secrets, just be real and authentic and they will engage more with your posts, I promise.

SM tip #9 – Maintain consistency.

It will only build momentum.

It takes time, so be gentle on yourself and don’t give up. You’ll get there.

SM tip #10 (and maybe the most important tip ) – Brand your posts.

Create posts that are on brand ie. they have your branding all over it (colours, fonts and correct imagery tone) so that people can recognise your brand, and more importantly make it easier to remember your brand.

The more people see your branding, the easier it will be for them to recognise you, and soon enough they will subconsciously know who is showing up on their feed just by seeing your branding colours or imagery. (eg when you see red, white and blue? Pepsi). This is awesome.

So take the time to brand your social media imagery.

  • You can do this by creating templates to follow (eg. you can save background images and use phone apps to place text on top of them) or;
  • Engage a graphic designer to do this for you.

It’s strategic, you will look professional, and this way you will gain the trust of your audience with consistent branded images.

I hope these were helpful! For more tips like these, join my email list below!

Sarah xx