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How to DIY your business branding and logo. Have a killer brand that you and your target audience will love!

Maintaining brand consistency is the key to building a strong and memorable brand. Here are some Visual Tips to help you with.

This is crucial since knowing and understanding your customers and their needs and wants will help you build a solid foundation.

I help women in business re-brand so that they can easily charge more and attract high-end clients. Learn how I create a brand that generates raving fans!

I am sharing it all with you in my FREE 5 Ways to Elevate Your Brand guide! Let me show you how to elevate your branding in a few easy steps.

FREE Email Course. Learn how to create a memorable, stand out brand that attracts your dream clients!

DOES YOUR BRAND NEED SOME LOVE? Get a professional brand expert to look over your brand and give you advice on how to improve your online presence

You want something more professional than a DIY brand made in Canva, but you’re not quite ready to invest in professional branding yet. This course is perfect for you.

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Brand Transformation – Sam @ Regale Media

  Hi! I'm excited to show you the first Brand Transformation video for one of my AMAZING clients! I'm featuring my most recent brand completion which was done for Sam from Regale Media. Sam runs her marketing business Regale Media in the UK. She is super fun,...

Why do you need a Brand?

  Hey! Let’s talk about WHY people build brands (rather than simply getting a logo designed). Why do you need a brand? Well first of all, a brand is the thing that differentiates you from the crowd. It is the thing that sets you a part from your competition....

Cheap vs Premium Brands

  Hi! I’m in Bali right now (I know, I know, it seems I’m always here). I’m on a gorgeous island called Gili Trawangan - It has the most incredible, breathtaking, memorable sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. If the sunsets here were a brand, it would be the most...


How to go from Awareness to Being Remembered

Hey there! I hope you're having a fantastic week! I wanted to pop in to talk about brand consistency. In the risk of sounding like a broken record, maintaining brand consistency is the key to building a strong and memorable brand! So what’s so damn important about...

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How to Tackle Social Media and Remain Consistent

Hey there! So, social media can be a real beast. You’re either: - a social media wiz, super disciplined and organised or; - you loath social media (been there) and every time you post content it’s last minute, it’s on the go, it’s sporadic; leaving you feeling...

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How to attract potential clients with e-Books

Hi lovelies! I wanted to share with you my latest e-Book designed for Pure by Kate - an amazing coach who helps people live healthier lifestyles and create healthier relationships. I'm OBSESSED with her new e-Book ~ The Peace Journal. Am I allowed to say that I think...

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How To Create And Market An E-Book For Your Business

How To Create And Market An E-Book For Your Business    E-Book  MarketingTips  WantMoreClients?   A fantastic way to get leads or interest in your business, is to create a free e-book! It can be based around the simplest thing in your business - like 1 or 2...

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What is a ‘brand’… And how the hell do you build one?

Your inside guide to branding, including answers to all of those ‘wtf?!’ branding questions you’ve secretly asked yourself Ever felt like you missed something when it comes to branding? Maybe, like, a guidebook or something? You know, the one that told you what to do...

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