Jane – Hotspace

Hotspace – Re-Brand

Jane after working in her interiors and renovations business for several years was in need of a brand refresh.

Jane’s ultimate style is “light and bright”, and she wanted her brand to reflect that, as well as align to her and her design flair.

We re-designed her logo by combining the H and S from Hotspace with connecting lines that surround the letters; encapsulating a space within.

Jane’s business cards, letterhead and contract proposals were all designed to be on brand using her already known orange tone (used in her previous branding) combined with whites and grey’s creating a modern, fun, light and bright brand identity.

It was important to maintain something from her previous branding (this was her signature orange colour) so as to not completely reinvent herself which would could confuse her already loyal client base.

We are pleased with the outcome and Jane’s brand being more aligned to her as the face of her brand. The combination of branding alignment to our clients, brand strategy and luxury design is what truly creates a brand that will outlast the test of time.

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