The DIY branding course

You painted your own walls. Changed the flat tyre on your car. And even sorted out those Ikea flat packs in under a day.

All hail the DIY goddess!

So, what’s next on your list?

… Your brand, of course!

After all, you know a good brand is the difference between sending your dream clients to sleep (or worse, never capturing their attention at all) and persuading them that you’re THE perfect match for them.

I’ve got just the thing.

If you’ve been hanging out here a while, you’ve probably heard of my DIY branding course.

But if not – or if you’re curious to learn more – hold onto your Lululemon’s because I’m going to give you an exclusive inside sneak peek into what the DIY branding course is all about.

The DIY branding course is a step-by-step video course that walks you through exactly how to create a visual brand for your business.

Here’s the low-down.

A peek into the DIY branding course

Chapter one: Building your brand foundation

Just like that Ikea furniture (that you’re awesome with), your brand needs a strong, stable foundation to build on.

In your brand’s case, you’ll be digging deep into your businesses’ essence to extract your ‘why’ (i.e. why you do what you do) as well as gain clarity on your brand values and personality.

You’ll learn what your value proposition is (what you truly offer) as well as your unique selling points (why you’re better than your competitors).

Chapter two: Designing the visual side of your brand

Harness your hard work from chapter one to give your business a visual identity that exudes confidence.

To begin, I’ll walk you through how to create a mood board that encapsulates the atmosphere you’re trying to recreate with your visual branding.

Then you’ll dive into designing your own logo (yep! really) and complementing it with a brand board, business card design and social media post templates that complete your branding experience. 

By the end of the course, you’ll walk away with:

  • Knowledge on what your brand’s personality is and how to communicate it visually.
  • A mood board that expresses your brand’s unique style and vibe.
  • A distinct and beautiful logo that captures your brand and instantly appeals to your dream customers.
  • A brand board that articulates your brilliance.
  • A business card design that you can’t wait to share with your dream customers.
  • A series of templates that weave your professional and beautiful branding across your social media platforms.
  • A complete visual branding package for your business!

Ahh! Absolutely cannot rave enough about Sarah’s work. Honestly I’m probably one of those really irritating clients because I’m forever asking her millions of questions outside her scope of practise! But she always gets back to any of my emails or silly questions ASAP. She’s a dream to work with and honestly is so nice and nurturing, she really makes you feel comfortable with the whole process.

Oh yeah and her work in phenomenal!! Honestly, she presented me with things I didn’t even think I needed until I saw them.
She goes to a great effort during initial consultations to make sure she really understands your brand and your brief.
I’m seriously never leaving her alone because I refuse to present anything that hasn’t had her magic touch!
Can’t recommend enough!!!!

~ Zee Neville @ Zee Neville Fitness

I can’t express how happy we are with Sarah’s designs for our university club! We absolutely LOVE the finished product!!! She was always so friendly, positive and easy to work with despite all the last minute jobs we kept throwing at her with tight deadlines. I highly recommend Sarah!!


 ~ Amy Matson @ UON

Getting excited?

You should be! This is a game. changer.

Wanna learn more?

Head on over to my DIY Branding Course page