A brochure is a very effective marketing material and is still widely used nowadays. However, for them to be truly effective, they need to be designed and crafted with exceptional care and quality. There are many design elements that will go into the making of a brochure as a professional graphic designer in QLD will tell you, but before going into them, it is crucial that you develop a deep understanding of two main factors that needs to be considered when it comes to designing a brochure.

Your Purpose

When planning your brochure design, think about what you intend to accomplish with it. Having a goal or purpose will make the design and creation process much more efficient because then you wouldn’t have to make a lot of changes along the way. In addition, your purpose will impact many of the different elements in the brochure, including the images to be used, the copy and the content, the layout and many others. Having these clear and ready will make your graphic designer and copy writer’s jobs much easier as well.

When understanding your brochure’s purpose, think about how you intend to use it once it’s ready. Are you going to hand them out to regular passersby, or do you intend to send them out to corporations (if you’re a B2B business)? Are you going to put them in a stand in your office lobby or will you be displaying them in a trade show or event? By answering these questions and more, you can formulate a goal or objective which will help guide you and make the brochure making process less stressful.

Your Audience

Before and as you go along the brochure design process, always keep your intended audience in mind. Remember that all your efforts will be wasted if the brochure does not appeal to your target market. Keep the acronym AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) in mind during the whole process. Think about what design or style will best capture their attention and spark their interest in your brand or business. Much of these will revolve around the content of your brochure, which a professional graphic designer in Gold Coast can help you lay out.

The content should not only be informative but catchy as well. It should raise the reader’s desire for your product or service, and should encourage them to take action by purchasing your product, availing of your services, or getting in touch with you. Your brochure’s purpose should be to sell your product or service, and not merely tell them about who you are and what your business is about. In many cases, potential customers aren’t really interested in the company – instead, they care more about the product, service, or what is offered and how these will be of benefit to them.

These two outside factors will basically form the core of your brochure design process. A deep understanding of these will not only help you and your chosen graphic designer create an eye-catching brochure, but one that is effective in getting people to notice your business and convince them to trust and do business with you.