How To Create And Market An E-Book For Your Business


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A fantastic way to get leads or interest in your business, is to create a free e-book! It can be based around the simplest thing in your business – like 1 or 2 marketing tips if you’re in marketing, or 5 health benefits of xxx product if you’re selling a product, xx reasons you need a VA, or in my case I have my e-book on my website based around 5 ways to up-level your branding.

Once you’ve chosen your topic, write your copy out in a Word document, and get an awesome designer to design it for you if you want it to be remembered Or you can design yours in Canva yourself.Of course make sure it is designed consistently with your branding . When people see your brand colours, your logo, your brand assets in your e-book, something ticks in their brain, and they recognise it instantly when they see your branding somewhere else down the track.

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 So please, have all your marketing material oozing with and speaking through your brand 

Once your copy is written and it’s designed beautifully, use it as a “hook” to get people in to your sales funnel or email list. So pop it on your website where your leads (or clients who are interested in what you have to offer) just pop their name and email address into a box and they get your beautiful e-book emailed to them on auto pilot.

Wallah  just like that you can get leads onto your email list daily.

So now that you have a lead/person who is interested in your product or service, you have the opportunity to warm them up with a couple emails (that’s another post entirely) and potentially generate them into a client 

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Sharing Your E-Book On Social Media

Of course share your beautiful new e-book on your social media pages too. You can easily set up a free landing page through Mailchimp or Mailerlite that hosts your e-book where again, people can pop their name and email into a form and get the e-book automatically emailed to them, and now they are on your email list ready to be warmed up and educated by you – and hopefully eventually turn into a client 

I will keep talking about sales funnels and email lists in the future guys. Just note that it is a long term game.

Sarah xx

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