Following my previous email about the most important thing, successful people do in their business (if you missed it Read here. I had a ball writing it).

I mentioned the word “anchors” which is a technique used by the manifesting guru’s like Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of Lucky Bitch. She is the money manifesting QUEEN if you haven’t heard of her. If you do anything I say, read her books!

Now I understand the scepticism around positive mindset, law of attraction, manifesting stuff can sound super woo woo and crazy. I get it. It is totally bat sh*t crazy!

But it works. I’ve proved it.

But the thing is, it’s actually really hard to change your habits by consciousness only.

The reason we are stuck in business working with crap clients, or we’ve hit an income ceiling that we just can’t break through, or we just can’t seem to get things working in our favour in business, is due to blockages that are holding us back from reaching the levels we want to in business and in life.

Heard of money blocks? We form these “blocks” as kids.

Either our parents were short on cash, or they said things like “you need to work super hard to earn a good living”, or that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Stuff like that.

So in order to remove these blocks we’ve formed subconsciously that hold us back, we need to go a little deeper.

And we need to take some necessary ACTION to re-wire our beliefs around making money and creating an abundant, successful business.

And I’m going to be frank, we are the only thing standing in our own way from creating abundance.

Ouch. I’ve only just learnt this myself.

The sooner you take full responsibility and realise that the successful, abundant business hasn’t rocked up to your doorstep yet, the sooner you can break through the habits that hold you back, and the sooner you can receive the abundance that is waiting for you!

A bit of tough love! I know you can handle it.

I know you’re ready for some major up-levelling.

:: Want a successful business that you can rely on to pay your bills?

:: Ready to receive more clients, more money, more freedom?

There are some steps you have to take to fast track you there.

If you’re really ready, keep reading, and I ask that you have an open mind to what I’m suggesting.

If you’re truly ready for more abundance, you’ll listen.

So, the first thing is:

1. Create anchors in your everyday life

Creating anchors in your life help you re-program and get unstuck out of the struggle you currently face in business.

What are anchors?

Anchors are physical reminders that you can put in place that remind you and make you think of achieving your goals.

They can be sticky notes on your fridge or mirror, they can be setting your computer password to “20kmonths”, or it can be creating an event in your calendar for a years time saying “celebrating 100k in my business”.

This is a way of telling the universe that what we dream of and what we strive towards, has already happened.

That it’s done.

It’s just a matter of time before you get there, and believing that it’s already done, quickens the process of getting there.

This is meant to really bring about your goals FASTER.

No doubts.

It sounds crazy I know, and you might have to “fake it before you make it” (don’t worry your brain doesn’t know the difference), but this is an awesome technique of making the law of attraction work in your favour, and fast-tracking you to your future goals.

I can tell you how it’s worked for me, but that would fill a whole new email.

Start to create some conscious anchors in your life that will remind you of your goals throughout the day.

Every day.

But you have to believe them. Create positive energy around them. Scream for joy when you read your goal. Jump up and down! Go crazy!

Want to make 100k a year? Or maybe you want to spend less time working and more time with your family?

Get excited each time you read or think of your goal.

Remember, you might have to fake it at first, but if you consistently do this, soon the fear will be removed and you’ll actually start to believe it! That’s where the magic happens.

Ok next thing:

2. Take ACTION

There’s no use just thinking positively about your goals and taking no action toward them.

Dreaming with no action doesn’t always work, unfortunately.

Your goal is not going to show up at your door.

You have to show that you’re serious about achieving your goals.

To show that you’re serious, you need to take some steps toward your goal.

There are lots of little actions you can take directly in your business to tell the world that you’re ready to go to the next level. This is where the magic happens!

Read this snippet from Denise Thomas Duffields book Get Rich Lucky Bitch:

“Some women live their lives back to front. They want the money first, so they can do what they want. Then they’ll be the person they’ve always wanted to be. Happier, less worried, perfect.

It actually works the other way round. If you let yourself BE who you already are, money will just enhance that. It will give you the freedom to DO what you want and HAVE anything your heart desires.

It’s actually more important in the short term to feel rich than to actually be rich, as one usually follows the other. Otherwise, how rich is enough to give yourself permission to feel good? How will you know when to stop accumulating money and enjoy it? When are you allowed to be happy?”

So, you need to take bold steps NOW in order to tell the universe you’re serious about your goals, and seriously, you’ll bring them about faster by taking action first.

So what can you do?

:: Get your professional headshots taken

:: Re-brand Ie Improve your logo, website and online presence

:: Get clear on your monthly income. Reverse engineer how you will achieve that goal. You need to be specific! Ie I need 7 clients per month to make $x

:: Put celebratory reminders in your calendar ie “GO GIRL, YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY TO A 10K MONTH” or “Dinner celebrating 10k month!!” Or “Congrats on getting 5 clients this month!!”

Get into ACTION to make these goals happen! Ie book 10 discovery calls this month. Get that re-brand done.

Take any steps necessary to make you feel more confident in reaching your goals!

That’s the kind of action you need to take to let the universe know you’re ready for more.

I promise you that if you work on this, you will see positive shifts in your business, and in your life!

Now, do you want to action and reach the next level in your business?

Let’s look at your brand and talk about how we can improve it so that you can convert more clients! Woohoo!

Are you ready to up level?

I can’t wait to hear from you.