A step by step online course for graphic designers wanting to earn more!


Hey There Talent

I know you’re dying to make more money in your freelance business without the struggle and hustle

You’re imagining…

Consistent income each month without the stress
More clients saying yes to working with you over the competition
Less time in front of the MacBook and more time with friends and family

The only problem?

  • – There’s so much competition out there, and potential clients often pick other designers over you
  • – When you do land a client, they bully and push you around
  • – Clients haggle you to get the lowest price
  • – You’re sick of the inconsistent peaks and troughs in your business and can’t see how it can ever change

I hear you!

Being a freelancer can be challenging.
You’re a talented designer, but you’re also a business owner. It’s not just about being great at design, it’s about acquiring the business skills to build your empire, knowing how to differentiate and position yourself in the market, how to sell yourself, grow and expand and so much more.
I Know, because I’ve done it myself.

Hi, Im Sarah

Graphic Designer, Branding Specialist, Owner of Sarah Rose Design, Digital Nomad
For years I flurried around in my business. I was hustling to get clients, re-designing my website 5 times over, doing flyer drops, and trying to win clients on social media to no avail. I tried everything Google told me to do, but I felt completely overwhelmed, stressed and constantly burnt out. I had no idea who to turn to or where to source the information I needed to grow.

Through years of trial and error, spending thousands of dollars on programs and coaches, and finally pin pointing that sweet spot where clients were saying yes to working with me over the competition, I turned my freelance business around. I enjoyed the design work but eventually I worked out how to outsource, resulting in more time off from my business, while still profiting. It has become my mission to help other freelancers up-level in their business with ease, and give them everything they need to succeed. That’s why I created this course – freelance graphic designer success – to help passionate designers build a profitable and sustainable business.


What people are saying…

I’m really enjoying the course so far! It’s really got me thinking about my business and where I see going. I’ve finally got a vision and it’s gorgeous! I’m so excited! This is the kick in the butt I needed to stop chasing my tail and actually get a solid process in place! I’m so excited! Thank you, Sarah.

– Katie, NSW

You will Learn

The 6 essential elements of growing a successful graphic design business
Develop a mindset that attracts wealth and success
Look like a Pro
Position yourself as a high end and charge your worth
Handle inquiries, on boarding, and hand over with ease


Learn how to win clients with a 90% success rate

The Graphic Designer Success course is for you if you
Are ready to build a successful freelance business that is financially abundant
Have been working in your business for a while but haven’t achieved the success you hoped for
Want to spend less time working in your business and more time expanding or spending with friends and family
Want to create a business that allows you to travel as a digital nomad
Are just starting out and want to avoid all the time and stress building a freelance business
Are passionate about design and are committed to learning and following the steps in this course