Hey there! My previous blog (or email if you’re on my list – you can subscribe at the end of this post) I talked all about brand consistency and how it is KEY to building a strong and memorable brand.

Well incase you forgot, I also promised you a little freebie that I know will help you create brand consistency. Woot!!

So I have for you what’s called a Brand Board template.

What the heck is a brand board?

It’s basically a guide that is used to help you create and maintain brand consistency in your business.

Consistency really is key (that goes for so many things in life).

So before I show you how to use the Brand Board, just quickly, brand consistency means:

:: Maintaining your colours through ALL of your marketing efforts, your stationery, social media posts, website, email headers/footers, you name it baby.

TIP: I love to choose TWO primary colours that contrast nicely. These you use quite often in your brand (eg. I use purple and red). And then 2 or 3 secondary colours which can be used for other things like special deals, or simply if you need another colour in your designs (eg. you will sometimes see I use a bright aqua colour)

:: Maintaining the same fonts through all your collateral

I love to choose one font for headings or call outs, and another font for my body copy.

TIP: It’s easy to pair fonts. Just choose 2 fonts that contrast well together. This could mean a serif font (you know the little flick tails on the end of each letter? That’s a serif typeface) paired together with a san-serif font (this is a typeface that has no little tails or flicks at the end of letters. Take a look at your keyboard for example, the letters on your keys should be a san-serifs font)

:: Maintaining the same style and tone of imagery

Whenever you get some images online to use on your website or your flyer or your instagram feed, all images chosen should follow the same theme, or colour palette.

TIP: Create your colour palette before you create a mood board of images. That way you know which images to choose because they will match your colour scheme.

I have a video below for those of you who need help creating your mood board.

BONUS TIP: One of my favourite websites with FREE for commercial use image downloads is www.unsplash.com.

So, now that we know how to create brand consistency, if you have your logo all ready to go you can begin putting together your brand board.

This is what it looks like (it’s not very pretty YET, but it will be soon when you’re done with it):

BRAND BOARD Click on me to download

Here’s some examples of Brand Boards I’ve designed for my clients. Each should look different and be unique to your business and your brand!

brand-board-example how-to-maintain-brand-consistency

How to create your Brand Board

1. Download the Brand Board here, then jump into www.Canva.com (you can create a free account if you don’t already use Canva).

2. Begin by uploading the Brand Board PDF you’ve just downloaded into Canva (don’t know how to do this in Canva? I have popped a handy little video below to demonstrate).

3. Then you can start filling your brand board with your brand assets. So first, drag your logo in, then any submarkets you have, and just follow the headings down the page until you’ve completed the board.

Once complete, you should have a gorgeous, cohesive looking brand board that you can now use as a guide when creating any marketing collateral to maintain brand consistency.

Consistency is key!

Watch my quick Canva video below:


Happy brand board-ing!

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Sarah xx