Graphic designers in Gold Coast work on a variety of projects – from 2×3-inch business cards to 10×20-feet billboards and everything else in between. Many businesses also commission such professionals to help them with their point of sale displays (POS displays). They understand that for their POS display to be truly effective, it needs to have a compelling design that will catch the attention of shoppers. In this regard, the expertise of a professional graphic designer can be of great help.

POS displays can include a variety of design elements – from texts to graphics and more. That being said, there certainly are many factors to be considered when it comes to designing a POS display.

Brand Colours and POS Displays

Colours are one of the most important elements of any POS display. It has been proven that colours have an impact on consumers’ psychology, and can elicit certain actions and behaviour like impulse buying and others. When it comes to choosing which colours to use for you POS displays, it is important that you talk to your graphic designer about how you can best incorporate your brand colours into the POS display. Not just on your logo, mind you, but in the overall design of the POS display. This is important because you’ll want to make your brand colours consistent throughout all of your marketing materials.

Graphics and Images

Graphics and images are often a must in POS displays. Many retailers often make the mistake of using just about any available graphics and images that they can find, and more often than not, this ends up as a disaster of a POS display. Instead of settling for just any graphic or image, consider using images of happy customers enjoying your product. This gives your POS display and your product a nice, feel-good impression that can help entice shoppers to give your product a try. Along this line, be sure to make use of high resolution images – remember, consumers usually associate low quality designs to low quality products, and you certainly wouldn’t want consumers to have that impression of your business. Talk a graphic designer about using vector images and how such image formats can be used for your POS display and other marketing materials.

Text and Information

POS displays aren’t all about graphics – you’re going to need to incorporate text, too. In this regard, pay attention to the font style and font sizes that you intend to use. Not sure which style or point size? Talk to a graphic designer who can create blueprints so you have a better idea of the final product and what you can expect. In addition, text here does not only refer to the product and manufacturer’s name. Nowadays, consumers are becoming smarter about their purchases. Try to highlight your product’s best features or the benefits shoppers can enjoy from buying it. In many cases, this has proven to be a great way of encouraging consumers to trust and buy a product.

In order for a POS display to be truly effective in encouraging shoppers to buy your product, it not only needs great marketing strategy (that is a whole new topic), it also needs to be aesthetically appealing and attractive. Great looking POS displays send out the message that your product is of excellent quality, and will thus have a higher chance of being noticed and patronised.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a design suitable for your POS display, talk to professional graphic designers in QLD. They should be more than capable of helping you design a POS display that is truly effective in catching shoppers’ attention and boosting your sales.

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