I’m in Bali right now (I know, I know, it seems I’m always here).

I’m on a gorgeous island called Gili Trawangan – It has the most incredible, breathtaking, memorable sunsets I’ve ever witnessed.

If the sunsets here were a brand, it would be the most memorable brand I’ve ever encountered.

That’s what we want our brands to represent too yes?

In a lot of Asian countries, you can buy a lot of knock-off brands that are super cheap.

Have you ever bought a knock-off brand? Like a fake Chanel bag in Thailand for example?

I have. In fact, I used to always buy the fake stuff.

And then I’d get upset when it broke. Which it ALWAYS did.

Or I’d replace it with another cheap bag and never use the old one.

It didn’t last long is my point.

I didn’t fall head over heels for it.

I’d always get the knock-off bags and jewellery. I didn’t even THINK twice about buying the real thing. “That’s WAY too expensive,” I thought.

Well, now that I’ve grown, up-levelled in more ways than 1, I never buy the fake stuff anymore.

  1. I don’t want the clutter in my house. I always end up donating or throwing these fake brands away
  2. It’s just not worth the money. The leather is fake. The stitching is wonky, and it’s just clunky. Now, I’d rather buy something more expensive, and have it forever, rather than waste my money on heaps of cheap stuff that would need to be replaced.

And yet so many women I see are paying for cheap graphic designers to help them design a logo for their business, and they expect Chanel results.

I’m sorry. It just does not work like that.

I see cheap, Fiver created logos more than I feel comfortable. Even worse, I see the same logo’s around, and I bet the owner of that $50 logo doesn’t even know someone else has the exact same one.

Imagine starting a business and building it, and having to change your logo and identity down the track?

Helping people build a brand is serious. It’s not a game.

It’s about people’s lives, their income, their futures.

You might save a few bucks in the short run, but it potentially ends up costing you hundreds of thousands long term.

Not to mention the wasted time and effort that goes into re-branding, or the confused clients that lose trust in your brand when you’re constantly changing it. That is a big loss right there.

I’m so proud of my clients who have made the decision to invest in their business and brand their business the correct way.

They took the time to craft their message, form their unique proposition, and create a memorable brand that touches and serves the lives of other women.

You can’t put a price on good branding.

Brands add VALUE to a business.

Look at Billabong. How much do their shirts cost them to make? Probably not too much at all.

And how much do they sell those same shirts?

They sell at a premium price right?

That is due to the branding that is placed on the shirt.

People buy brands.

It’s about turning your business into the Chanel version.

Not the cheap knock-off version.

:: If you’re uncomfortable investing the time and money in your business
:: Or you rebranding yourself a million times
:: Or you want to brand your business following trends and fads that fade out over time
I’m not the designer for you.

But if you’re ready to go big NOW, with someone who has 100% satisfied clients who have seen massive results in their businesses, then I am your designer.

If you are ready to up-level, build an amazing brand that will last the test of time, and create those premium packages that change your clients’ lives for the better, I am your designer.

Up-level your expectations. Book your free brand strategy call in with me.

Let’s get you some Chanel into your business.

Sarah xx