If you’re currently in the middle of your rebranding efforts, you may want to re-design your business card so that it makes use of both of its sides instead of one. This should be something to consider given the benefits of using a two-sided business card.

Many businesses actually think about asking their graphic designer to do this for them, though they’re usually faced with a problem. That is, what should they put in their business cards.

Additional Information

Most of the important information will be (and should be) placed on the front side of your business card. These will include your name, your business name, your office address, contact numbers, website and social media accounts. So what other type of information can you put at the back? How about a map showing the directions to your office? Or perhaps a small blurb about your company—perhaps it’s mission or history?

Highlight Your Products or Services

You can also use the back of your business cards to highlight the different products that you sell or services that you provide. For instance, if your business is an auto repair shop, you can list down the different types of repairs and other automotive services that you provide. This way, the recipient will understand immediately what your business is all about. This may even lead to a great conversation and a possible sale on the spot as the recipient asks about the details that they see there.

Showcase Your Skills

Along the same lines, the back of your business card can be a great way to showcase your skills and display your work. For instance, if you’re a furniture maker or designer, you can use an image of your finished product. This works best for businesses that are along the lines of design like architectural firms, auto customization and the likes.

QR Codes

Putting QR codes at the back of a business card is a relatively new idea. What should your QR code contain? Why not consider putting a short video about your business that your recipient can watch with their smartphones? This is actually pretty cool and will certainly pique the interest of the recipient.


If you really can’t find anything else to put at the back of your business card, why not consider a well-designed graphic. You can ask the graphic designer to place a small drawing or pattern of sorts to give your business card an extra flare. Besides, many people view business cards as generic or boring—and you don’t want your recipient to think that of your business card, do you? You probably want to talk to a graphic designer about coming up with some branding elements that compliment your logo and create a more exciting business card.