So a few ladies filled out my survey (thank you!) and they’re in the running to win my DIY Branding Course FREE! Woohoo!

One of the questions in the survey was do you know what a brand is?

And a few answers came back “I think I know but I’m not 100% sure”.

So I wanted to break down what exactly a brand is.

A brand is more than just your business name or your logo design.

It is the emotional and psychological associations people tie or form toward your business, product or service.

I’ve just now put together a little video for ya’ll to hopefully explain it well.

FYI. It’s quick and unplanned, but I wanted to get on video and personally tell you 👇🏼

Sarah Rose - What Exactly Is This "Brand?" Word?

Brand presence is sort of a HUGE deal. Especially in today’s day and age.

And sadly a lot of small business owners don’t realise this.

But when you look at their competition, it’s easy to see that THEY understand the value of having a strong brand…

If you’re currently doing okay in business and the referrals are coming in, that’s fantastic, but eventually, that does die down (I know, I’ve been there!). 

So what will it take for you to continue to get business regularly?

It’s all to do with your branding.

It’s how you show up, consistently and speak your message. 

And how do we communicate our message?

THROUGH your brand. 

Are you maybe (and let’s be honest here) living in a comfort zone that isn’t bringing you the income you desire each week/month/year?

If you are making those income goals you once dreamed of, amazing!

But I know you’re here  because:

:: You want to up-level and create the business of your DREAMS

:: You want to add value and help transform people’s lives through your business

:: You want to see that money coming in the bank

:: You want to feel confident in your brand!

The real question is, are you ready to do what it takes to get there?

This means making some changes in your business, yes.

It means making HUGE improvements, that will definitely pay off in the long run.

It means getting out of your comfort zone, because if we don’t, we stay in the same position.

What’s the definition of insanity?

 Doing the same things over and over, but expecting a change. 

I wrote an email the other day about up-levelling your mindset. This is SO important if you want to grow in business. Without it, you’re stagnant.

So, are you truly ready for more?

+ Are you really willing to do what it takes to grow in business, to smash those 5 figure months out of the park?

– Or are you going to let fear keep you stuck, keep you from growing and keep you from moving forward?

If you want to create a brand that just eventually works for you in the background, you need to take those dreams and put them into ACTION.

So, are you really ready to create an amazing brand that results in raving fans?

If you are truly ready to do what it takes to improve your brand presence and seriously up-level both your branding AND your business mindset (because that just seems to follow once you have a kick-ass brand that stands out, I’ve seen it in my clients),

I only have ONE LAST SPOT!! Left this month to help a lady transform her brand.

And I only have room for 2x discovery calls next week (because I’ll be overseas with limited wifi). 

Are you ready to up-level?

It’ll take some work. But I KNOW we can get you there.

Let’s do this!! 💪🏼

As I mentioned in the video, here’s the link to the TV Show The Mentor – it’s seriously good and gives you a clear understand that brand presence is EVERYTHING!

Check it out: https://7plus.com.au/the-mentor

Sarah xx