Branding versus logo design: What’s the diff?

What’s included in a branding package?

You were told that your business needs a brand. So, being the clever boss babe you are, you arranged for your biz to be blessed with a kick-arse logo.

Or, at least, you’re researching it.

Put a fork in you, you’re done. Branding is finito.

… Right?

Erm, sorry to the bearer of more branding work, but … actually you’re not. At least, not if you want that whole memorable-biz-raving-customers-professional-af kinda experience.

Because a brand is more than just a logo.

An awesome logo is brilliant (and your business and customers will love you for it), but it’s just one slide of the branding pie (mmm, pie).

There’s your website experience, your social media, your written communications, your verbal communications, your business ethos, your image style … in short, there’s a lot more.

For a full break-down on everything a brand is, does and offers your biz, make sure you read my article ‘What is a brand?’

So … how do you do the whole branding thing?

Great question!

(I knew you were a clever one.)

There are three primary angles you can tackle branding from:

1. Brand communication (include web copy, brand voice and tone and content marketing);
2. Brand values (like philosophy, customer experience and your process and systems);
3. And visual branding (which I’ll talk about more in a tic).

A copywriter can help you with the first angle. Some research and careful thought can help you with the second. And for the third …

Well, let’s just say you’re in the right place.

I specialise in crafting authentic and luxury branding that helps you attract premium clients.

And this is where the magic of branding really shines.

Because when you order a logo you get a logo. In a few file formats, likely, but at the end of the day, it’s just a logo.

Buy when you work with me on branding, my package includes …

• A one-hour brand strategy call to deep dive into your business. We’ll clarify your ‘why’, define your value proposition and unique selling points (what you offer and why it’s better than your competitors), get clear on your target customers and set goals for your brand, including how you’d like your brand to be perceived.
• A custom designed mood board (that I bet you’ll spend hours admiring) that encapsulates the look and feel of your branding. This is important foundational work as it ensures we get your marketing material and branding spot on.
• Logo design. Yep you get that too! In fact, you get three concepts to choose from, each one tailored to appeal to your target market.
• A website. A. Whole. Website. You’ll get website design and development, plus custom design for your home page and sub page. Then our developer implements the design through to the rest of the site. But wait, we’re not done yet …
• 2 x marketing material add-ons. You can choose from a business card, letterhead, Mailchimp email campaign template, social media templates or even a small e-book.
• Aaaaaaand a brand board that guides you in maintaining brand consistency once our project is over. Phew, right? You’re not going to dumped in the deep end of the branding pool by yourself!

And that’s your visual branding done.

(Now you can put a fork in it.)

So … what do you think? Sound like the kind of VIP treatment that your business could use?

You’ve got two options from here.

1. Download my free (‘cos I love treating my readers) e-book on ‘Five ways to elevate your branding’ to continue your branding education.
2. Or, if you’re thinking of hiring a pro, why not book in to have a chat with me about your branding? It’s totally obligation-free and I would love to connect with you!

P.S. You can choose both options too. I won’t tell.