“If your business were a colour, what would it be and why?”

Sounds like a question pulled out from a beauty pageant, doesn’t it? However, for many aspiring entrepreneurs, this is one question that needs serious thought.

After all, a study from the University of Loyola shows that colour increases brand recognition by 80%. Given that number, even established business may need to consider if their brand colours are actually effective.

There are numerous researches conducted about the psychology of colours and how it affects consumer behaviour.

If you’re interested, you can see a summary of such findings in this infographic.

Going back to brand colours, suffice to say that they can have a powerful impact on the way your clients and customers see your business.

So how do you go about in choosing the right colours for your brand?

Think About Context

It has long been established that people associate specific colours to certain attributes. For instance, many people perceive blue to be a relaxing colour and red to be passionate.

That being said, one of the very first things that you’ll need to think about when choosing a colour or a colour pallete for your brand is context. Consider how your chosen colours reflect your brand and business. More importantly though, think about how other people will perceive and react to the colours you use.

For example, many people tend to associate the colours green or brown to “earthy” types of businesses. Thus, if you are running a restaurant that serves all-organic meals or are perhaps selling organic food, then you should consider making use of the said colours for your branding. The same colours can also be used if you’re operating a business that relates to nature like a mountain resort an extreme outdoor adventure facility.

Of course, it is your business and you may be tempted to make use of your favorite colours. However, it is your customers who will be providing your business the money that it needs to thrive and grow. That being said, you’ll want to choose colours that speak to your intended target market.

In addition, people tend to remember colours that they can associate with something familiar. For instance, people who see red neon lights tend to think of clubs or bars than any other types businesses. This type of colour to business association should help make your brand more memorable. And remember, this is what you actually want your marketing materials to do—that is, make your business more memorable for your target market.

So if you’re still thinking of which colours to use for your branding and marketing and promotional materials, then start by thinking of colour psychology. You can read up on this topic by doing Google searches. If not, you can talk directly to an experienced and knowledgeable graphic designer who can help you understand the concept of colour psychology and at the same time help you pick the right and most effective colour or colours to use.

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