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I wanted to pop in to talk about brand consistency.

In the risk of sounding like a broken record, maintaining brand consistency is the key to building a strong and memorable brand!

So what’s so damn important about being consistent with your branding? Sound like I’m having a pre-school play date?

It might not sound important, but branding plays a big role in a lot of facets in your business, and brand consistency is key to getting remembered.

Believe it or not, we as humans love consistency. It makes us feel safe.

From the time we get up and get ready for work, to hitting our heads on our pillows again, we are mostly consistent in the way we do things in our day to day.

We visit the same grocery store, we pick up most of the same products and throw them in the trolley, we purchase most of the same products, time and time again.

Sort of sounds boring right?

Well truthfully, inconsistency can make us feel uneasy. We like to be planned and organised most of the time.

So when it comes to brand consistency, the same applies.

I know that you are either investing time or money into marketing your business. And I can bet that you are on social media or have an email list that you reach out to.

So how does having consistent branding come into play when marketing your business?

– Maintaining Brand Consistency Builds Trust with your Audience

Say someone saw your website, then opted in to your email list.

If your website colours are pink and grey, make sure your email marketing design consists of the same hex colours.

Changing up your branding colours or fonts will cause confusion among your potential clients, which may result in them not knowing who it is appearing in their inbox. That’s not ideal.

Having confusing branding and sending off different messages causes a lack of trust within your audience.

DO: Maintain those colours, fonts, style and tone of imagery. This over time builds trust with your audience.

– Maintaining your Brand Message and Tone of Voice Solidifies Your Brand

Successful branding is key, and when it comes to marketing well, companies stick to their core message, and they deliver it over and over again.

It sounds boring, but once any company has hit the winning marketing formula for gaining new clientele, they stick to that winning formula. This alone sets their brand message and brand values in stone.

I mean why switch it up with our new thoughts and ideas based on our own inexperience right?

It’s also important to maintain your tone of voice across all facets of your business. This includes your website copy, your blog posts, your email marketing, through to the copy on your flyer and social media posts.

If you speak casually in your copy, stick to that. People will begin to get a feel of the person behind your logo. And they will begin to trust you more and more (which is a great thing!) Because you’re showing up, consistently. You don’t question your message or your brand.

DO: Keep your character in check. Your brand is not bipolar 😉

Brand Consistency Gives you a Better Chance of Getting Recognised, and Remembered

Remember that person who visited your pink and grey coloured website?

Say they are scrolling through Facebook one day, and they notice something that’s red and green. They’re busy scrolling down their feed so it is not recognised and they scroll past it.

But what if it were pink and grey?

Do you think something would have registered and they would have recognised that is was you in their feed? Get where I’m going with this now? 😉

So :

:: Are you maintaining the same colour codes (or hex codes) in all of your marketing efforts?

:: Does your website and Facebook page correlate with each other design wise?

:: Are you maintaining the same fonts on your website as on your Facebook profile cover or flyer design? What about your email marketing?

:: Then there’s backgrounds, textures, style and tone of imagery, and design elements – are they consistent across all facets of your branding efforts?

Marketing your business is a long term game. So it’s a matter of getting in front of people a first, a second, third or twentieth time to prove to them you’re trustworthy and credible.

If you are consistent in your efforts, your people know what to expect of you. And if you keep showing up, consistently with your brand colours, fonts and visuals, you will go from 💜Awareness, to being Remembered 💜


Stay tuned, I am putting together a really easy tool for you that will help you create and maintain brand consistency in your business in my next blog here.

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