Hi lovelies!

I wanted to share with you my latest e-Book designed for Pure by Kate – an amazing coach who helps people live healthier lifestyles and create healthier relationships.

I’m OBSESSED with her new e-Book ~ The Peace Journal. Am I allowed to say that I think my design is bloody beautiful? 😂

But seriously, the content she wrote was even more beautiful! I felt so much peace and love designing this beautiful e-Book.

Let me let the visuals do the talking.




Kate wanted something that looked beautiful and felt peaceful for her readers.

This is what she had to say about the design we came up with for her:
“OMG!!!!! I bloody LOVE it!!! !!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I had the briefest look because I’m at work but tonight when I get home I’ll totally embrace it!! Far out I’m thrilled thank you so much!!”

And that night again after work:
“Hi Sarah! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to properly look at it tonight, arrived home later than I expected! All I have had time to do is show it off to anyone I saw tonight and EVERYONE absolutely love it! I honestly can’t stop just staring at it in awe… it is so peaceful and relaxing just admiring it!!! hahahah! I see new things each time and the way you have created it is just phenomenal!! Thank you again!! wow!! I have never fallen in love with an e-book like this one before hahah!

So how can e-Books help you attract more clients?

E-Books are a great “hook” to get your clients into your email list.

Everyone loves a freebie right? If you pop a free e-Book on your website with free tips/advice/value on a topic that relates back to your business, you can begin to build up a list of what’s called “leads” (AKA potential clients).

Use your freebie as your “hook” or otherwise known as a “lead magnet”. You can get the user to enter their name and email address into a nifty little form (more on that below) where your e-Book then gets delivered straight into their inbox.

And wallah! You now you have this person on your email list – yippee!

Have you ever heard a marketing guru tell you that your email list is gold? Or that keeping your leads within social media platforms is risky? Because if something happens to Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin – boom, your potential leads are gone 😱

Anyone that opts in to get your free e-Book is clearly interested in your business (yay) and then you can continue to add value to this person’s inbox through your email marketing.

Having a freebie is a fantastic way to build trust and connection with your leads. 

Now don’t go running off to create just any old e-Book.

If you take the time to offer your expertise and value and create something that’s truly valuable, the chances of the potential client to stick around in your email list (and actually read your emails) is pretty high. They will truly appreciate your value and insight.

They will begin to trust you, and see you as the leader in your field. 

And by continuing to nurture these people, consistently speaking in your tone of voice, continuing to add value, gaining their trust and just having fun with it, when it comes to selling to your email list, they might actually be interested in what it is you offer. What about that huh?

Sales and marketing is a long term game. If you are continuously selling, people are probably going to get sick of it and opt out right? No one likes my car salesman – he’s annoying. 

Adding value and coming up with awesome content that educates your audience is the way to go.

So why don’t you give it a go? Create value packed content and turn it into a gorgeously designed e-Book that’s in line with your brand (what have I taught you? To keep it consistent when it comes to your brand y’all). Then boom, share it with your audience.

You can:

:: Pop your freebie on your website 
You can do this by creating an opt-in form in Mailchimp or Mailerlite. This is where your website visitors will enter their name and email address in to receive your freebie. You might need some help from your web developer to pop the opt in form code into your website.

:: Share your freebie/lead magnet on your Facebook page
You can even create a tab on your Facebook page that has your e-Book and opt in form there. This can get a little technical so if you ain’t got time for dat, you can create a normal post on Facebook and pin it to the top of your timeline, so people will see it first when stalking your page.

:: If you already have an email list, send them a free gift 
Everyone loves gifts! Why not surprise your existing audience with your free e-Book?

:: Create a landing page promoting your freebie and share the link in your Instagram bio
You can create a landing page for free through Mailchimp or Mailerlite. Landing pages are a great way to build your email list using your hook/free offer. If you create a new page on your website promoting your freebie, it doesn’t have the same effect that a landing page does, simply because there’s a menu at the top of your site, there might be some widgets on the page, and all of this can distract the user from popping in their details to get your freebie. In this digital age of busy people and A.D.D on the rise, the simpler the better 😉

:: Have a Facebook group? Share your e-Book there too!
Share the link to your landing page promoting your freebie in your Facebook group description. Everyone loves some free value!

I love designed e-Books. If you’d like help with yours, just holla at me here.

Want to work with me? I have ONE more spot left this month to help 1 special lady transform her brand into an ongoing marketing campaign, AKA a brand that acts as an ongoing advert reeling in your potential clients 💸

I can help you create a brand that speaks to your ideal customer, a brand that stands out, looks shmick, luxe and high end, so that you can charge those premium prices you dream of – today! 😍

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