Despite the name, there is a full team behind the scenes at Sarah Rose Design. We value the importance of providing the best solutions to each of our clients’ specific needs. That meant hiring talent that specialise in their creative field, so that we can provide a one stop shop for your brand transformation experience. You know what they say: “many heads are better than one”. We whole heartedly believe that here at Sarah Rose Graphic Design.

Meet the Team

What began as Sarah Rose Design, naturally evolved into a digital agency where we provide Strategy + Design + Marketing services. Sarah seeks only the best creative solutions for her clients. This meant when someone wanted a website, Sarah would hunt down the best web developer she could find. If someone wanted photography of their latest product, she sought out an awesome photographer. In need of a company video? Sarah scanned the area for a kick ass videographer. We want to help you in every possible way to launch your beautiful brand out into the world.

Sarah built a community of creatives who are not only an expert in their field, they also fit into the culture that our clients love and keep coming back to experience. That is: must be friendly, down to earth, hard working, and possess a reach for the stars imagination.

Sarah Rose

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Branding Specialist

Hi there. I’m Sarah, and I help ladies in business just like you, create stand out, memorable brands giving you the confidence to put your business out there and charge those premium prices you dream of!

Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’ve been in business a couple of years, I help you design more than just a logo. I help you design a brand that magnetises and attracts your ideal clients.

Together with my branding knowledge and your beautiful passion as a business owner we can transform your current presence so that you CAN feel confident in your business, so that you CAN charge those high-end packages, and so that you CAN work with your dream clients! With gorgeous, stand out branding you not only look like a BOSS, your brand will align and resonate with your target market resulting in better conversion rates. To being the journey, we jump on to a strategy call here we dig deep and craft your unique message, niche and client avatar so that we can attract amazing clients to your brand. This is the reason for our 5 star reviews – we truly get to know you to create the brand that best represents your business. Let’s make that happen for you today! Book your free call here. 

Enough about you and a little about me 😉 I always loved painting and drawing when I was little. My favourite class at school was Art and one of my favourite birthday presents was a 24 pack of Derwent pencils. Oh and those adult colouring books? Love!

I was the leader of clubs (not the bad kind ;)) in my neighbourhood growing up, one of my earliest signs I wanted to be an entrepreneur and business owner when I got older. I was always playing “teachers” with my sister and younger brother (when I could drag him in to my classroom that was my bedroom). That was the beginning of my love to teach others how to create gorgeous, stand out brands. My goal is to help women infuse their unique personality into their brand, creating that human connection and resulting in a brand that speaks a clear message, a brand that resonates with ideal clients, a brand that inspires and leaves an imprint long after your clients have worked with you.

While working in corporate for 7+ years after school, I would take random art and drawing classes on the side which fuelled my creativity. One day at work, a random task of creating a letterhead design for a client was given to me (I was not impressed at the time), but I ended up loving it so much that I enrolled in to CATC Design College on the Gold Coast to study what became the beginning of a new career and incredible lifestyle.

Being a curious Gemini, I’m always reading a new personal development book or booking my next plane ticket. I love spontaneity and willingly following my itchy feet. Some say I’m terrible at plans or that I’m impulsive, but I like to instead call it creativity, my love for learning, growing and trying new things (that’s my excuse anyway).

From swimming with manatees in Belize, cooking marshmellows on a volcano in Guatemala, escaping to Europe’s summer in the winter and drinking pina coladas on the beaches of Mexico; you could say these are the adventures that keep my creative spark alive. Combine that with my passion to help as many women business owners as I can with gorgeous branding that WOW’S. My client testimonials make me love what I do SO much (read them, they’re all 5 star ;)).

I began my graphic and web design business creating of a wide range of things for different people, but my passion is helping women entrepreneurs elevate and up-level in business through kick a*s, stand out brands. I’d love to help you do the same. Book a free discovery call with me today. 



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