I help women in business re-brand so that they can easily charge more and attract high end clients


CREATE A Stand Out, Memorable Brand

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Does your brand no longer align to you?

Have you grown in business and you’re ready to up-level with gorgeous, aligned-to-you branding that stands out from the crowd?

You have a vision and you’re damn good at what you do, but you’re confused as to how to interpret this through your brand.

My job is to help you dig deep into your business why and really get to know what makes you tick. After our brand strategy session, together we bridge the gap between your business and how to connect with the right people. We find that special something that makes your brand unique and we package that up through stand out design positioning you as the credible leader that you are.

I help you find the gold that is your authentic voice, and with that we curate your perfectly aligned brand that expresses who you truly are as a brand to attract the clients you want.

We value transparency, honesty, and great customer service. We will go to great efforts to make you happy



“I thought I knew what I wanted for my marketing brand, at least vaguely. I knew that Sarah was the designer I wanted to work with. She listened to what I wanted and delivered a beautiful interpretation of it. But more importantly she envisioned a different, more unique look for my brand, one that fit me better than what I thought I wanted, and I fell in love with the concept she created. My branding fits me like a glove, and I was practically waiting by the door for the business cards with my new logo and submark to arrive. I’m excited to send people to my website because I know that what they see there perfectly captures my brand personality and purpose. Sarah is professional, friendly, and SO talented, and I will 100% be coming to her when a client needs a re-brand. If you want to feel confident and excited about your brand and your business, Sarah is the person to create that for you.”


“Ahh! Absolutely cannot rave enough about Sarah’s work. Honestly I’m probably one of those really irritating clients because I’m forever asking her millions of questions outside her scope of practise! But she always gets back to any of my emails or silly questions ASAP. She’s a dream to work with and honestly is so nice and nurturing, she really makes you feel comfortable with the whole process. Oh yeah and her work in phenomenal!! Honestly, she presented me with things I didn’t even think I needed until I saw them. She goes to a great effort during initial consultations to make sure she really understands your brand and your brief.
I’m seriously never leaving her alone because I refuse to present anything that hasn’t had her magic touch! Can’t recommend enough!!!!


“Sarah recently designed my business rebranding and I am so thrilled with the results! My brief to her was a clean, light, bright and warm ‘look’ to reflect my style (I’m an interior designer) and she totally nailed it!”


“We love what Sarah has created for our homewares company Indian Summer Home. Sarah interpreted the brief beautifully, and has created an image for us that directly reflects our brand. Sarah is a pleasure to work along side and followed through on each step promptly.The feedback we have had since launching the new branding has been positive! Thank you Sarah! We will continue to work with you with our marketing material into the future”




let’s create your dream brand

To attract your future dream clients that light you up!

Imagine a brand that you are proud to show off

A brand that is aligned to you, your business values, beliefs and goals

A brand that your dream clients adore and rave about

A brand that speaks your message, loud and clear with no confusion

A brand that acts as a magnet, attracting premium paying clients

Branding that makes you excited to work in your business again!

I know you’re ready to attract those higher paying dream clients, and I promise you they are out there waiting for you, you just need to speak to them! And you can do that, with clear branding that is aligned to your attributes and your mission. Because that truly is what people buy. We are emotional creatures, and we purchase from brands that are somewhere aligned to us. So let’s get clear on your brand personality and your target audience, and we can create a gorgeous brand that speaks to your dream clients.


– Putting up with inconsistent branding, that just isn’t positioning you as the credible professional you are

– DIY-ing your branding, social media posts and website pages on the whim
– Settling with confusing branding with no strategy or purpose

– Putting up with branding that doesn’t serve your business goals, visions or your clients


– Attracting your ideal customers (you know, the ones who value you and can’t wait to pay you)

– Serving your dream clients by showing up for them as the leader in your field with gorgeous branding

– Gaining trust from new potential clients with professional, stand out brand and web design

– Working with only the clients that love you, on only the projects that light you up

- Consistently attracting premium clients, month after month.

Get recognised Get remembered 
with stand out, unforgettable branding.


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